Understanding the Appraisal

        In every field of business and professional endeavor, there are experts who are recognized for their skill and superior abilities. In the real estate appraisal profession, these are generally appraisers who have extensive training and experience, subscribe to a code of professional ethics and standards of professional practice and have received professional recognition for their abilities. Designated members of the Appraisal Institute, holding the MAI, SRPA or SRA designations, are such appraisers.  Appraisal Institute professional membership designations are conferred on individuals who have met stringent education requirements above and beyond minimal state licensing requirements and have demonstrated appraisal experience. Currently, the Appraisal Institute confers one general designation, the MAI, and one residential designation, the SRA. Once designated, these members participate in a program of continuing education. Training in up-to-date valuation techniques, coupled with experience and integrity, make Appraisal Institute designated members the preferred source of high-quality appraisal services. Designated members of the Appraisal Institute can guide and support decisions to invest in, buy or sell properties and answer questions about a property’s value, quality, suitability and feasibility for various uses.


Understanding the Appraisal (2008), Appraisal Institute